Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pedrin's Dairy Bar

Pedrin's Dairy Bar has been around for as long as I can remember. It opens on Good Friday and closes sometime in the fall. Growing up, we all knew it was basically a fried food haven. This was a place that was recommended. As I was thinking about it, I can't believe in that in all the years, I haven't had a burger there, but I indeed haven't.

Beef Boy and I ordered the cheeseburger special at $2.75. According to the person who waited on us at the window, what made this "special" as opposed to just a cheeseburger was that it came with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. This is not a cooked to order burger, so what we got was what we got. We ordered french fries at $1.90.

The burger and fries arrived as you see it above. The bun was a typical hamburger bun that fit the standard patty. We believe that both the patties and the french fries were purchased off site and then cooked there. The fries seemed to be typical frozen fries that you can get at the supermarket. They were also unsalted. The burger was fry cooked on a griddle and was well done. The outside did have a griddle sear on it.

This was basically a fast food burger you eat while sitting at a picnic table. It was nice eating outside, but the burger and fries were ordinary, similar to a McDonald's. In fairness, it was fine for that type of burger and the price was cheap. Also, Pedrin's does not advertise themselves as a burger joint. They state they are "The Home of the Fish Fry", so that may be where they excel.

Keeping our criteria in mind, we decided that it receives a rating of 2 burgers. Unfortunately, it is not a Coca-Cola establishment.

Pedrin's Dairy Bar
1360 Curran Highway
North Adams, MA 01247
(413) 664-9540

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you get what you pay for. However, recognized as having the world's largest menu (painted outside roof-level above the ordering windows and also to the left and right of same), Pedrin's excels -- in my opinion -- with most of their ocean-related fare. BonnetGirl